You're about to make your FileMaker files accessible through the Internet. It is absolutely crucial to secure tehm properly before uploading.

Here are some mandatory steps you must take (repeat them for each database file)

  1. In menu File / Manage / Security, ensure all accounts that have Full Access privilege set are password protected (they show in red if that is not the case). We strongly advise (even if that is not mandatory) that all accounts should be password protected, even with other privilege sets (but these account won't show in red if unprotected)
  2. In the same dialog (File / Manage / Security), ensure the Guest access is disabled.
  3. Still in the same dialog, click Advanced (lower left corner), then in the File Access tab, ensure the checkbox is checked (that would be by default if your file was created with FileMaker Pro 18 or newer)
  4. Close the dialog and go to File / File Options menu. If you have enabled a default login account (by default Admin / no password), disable it or if you really need it ensure this account does not have a Full Access privilege.

Other security features such as file encryption (aka Encryption At Rest), secure container storage, oAuth authentication… are supported by our hosting service (, but are not mandatory.