Nutshell Console is already a game changer, but for now it mostly brings back features that we lost with the new FMS Admin Console.

But there's much more in the lab, and it's very exciting.

Here are the next steps. All new features will be available to you at no extra cost, thanks to the annual license model.

Nutshell Console Lite:

  • better visualisations with improved interactivity, time frame selection…
  • client stats visualisations
  • new visualisations to make it easier to detect which user is impacting performance
  • custom horizontal guides ("normal level of remote calls", "waiting time during daily export"…)
  • statistics on server side scripts (PSoS and schedules)
  • Data API connection logs
  • log viewer: view multiple log files at a time
  • store snapshots to make it easier to compare the current situation to an older one
  • more commands available right from Nutshell Console

Nutshell Console Pro

  • all the features of Nutshell Console Lite, but with the possibility to manage multiple servers remotely
  • customisable alerts

Nutshell Console Host

  • all the features of Nutshell Console Pro, but with an extra API that will, among other features, allow you to save / restore a full server configuration