We advise you to use a simple text editor to create your configuration file, such as Notepad on Windows or Text Edit on macOS.

Important : the file should begin and end with "@@@". Anything before or after these marks will be ignored.

Each line of text should be structured this way:


  • NodeNumber is a number that will define the navigation. If node number is 32 and values are "Anthony;Beatrice;Christopher", then once this node is displayed on screen, if the user taps 'Anthony', node 321 will be displayed. If he/she taps Beatrice, node 322 will be displayed, and 323 for Christopher.
  • <TAB> means the tab key above the Caps Lock key of your keyword
  • Values can be any string that does not contain ;, a carriage return or a pipe (see below). You can add up to 9 values per line. We recommend that you use 5 or less. If you need more, you might probably want to add an intermediary node.
  • Pipe sign (|) allows a value be a shortcut to another node. For instance is values of node 32 are "Algeria;Bahamas|12;Canada|41;Denmark", then tapping "Algeria" will go to 321 (normal behaviour), but tapping Bahamas will go to 12, Canada to 41, and Denmark to 324. Pipe sign can be copied from here or using alt-shift-L (mac)

Here is an example of a well formatted configuration file.

1  A;B;C
11  AA;AB;AC
12  BA;BB
13  CA;CB|11;CC

on node 13, note that choosing CB will cause the app to go to node 11 instead of 132.

Upload the file

Once this is done, create a free account on textuploader.com. Note that you could use this service anonymously but you'll find it easier to have an account when it comes to modifying a configuration file

Once your account is created, go to the home page and paste your text to create a new clip, then submit.

Your see a green message: "Success: Post created successfully"

From the URL of your browser, select the last word (in this instance, 1lrf6).

This is all you need to give to the phone app users. They can type it or paste it to the app settings.

Modify the configuration file

  1. Go to your textUploader dashboard.
  2. On the right, click Edit
  3. Modify the file or paste a new content (tabs cannot be keyed in on the web interface)
  4. Click Submit
  5. Ask the phone users to tap Load Configuration again.