COVID-19 Triage is an iOS app only.

We can make it available for Windows, macOS or the web. Please contact us if you're interested.

Ideally this app would be available right from Apple App Store. Unfortunately we are unable to bypass AppStore reviewers' stubbornness at this time.

In order to make this app available immediately to hospitals fighting on the front against Covid-19, we've come up with this alternate install process. We apologise for this unnecessary complexity.

  1. On your iPhone, install FileMaker Go from the App Store
  2. Once installed, click here to install COVID-19-Tirage

This means that there is no app on the iPhone called "COVID-19-Triage", it appears as a file of FileMaker Go.

Next time you need to launch it, just open FileMaker Go and check the recent files.

 Next step: install the decision tree.