Custom classes allow you to format each column, using JSON and CSS.

A custom class can be assigned to a column (field) using field comments

In the following example of a field comment, class "amount" will be assigned to the column (field)


Here is an example of a JSON object that you can paste to the Custom Classes field.


supported Font attributes:

    "name":"",         //Font name. 'Arial', 'Calibri', etc.
    "family":"",        //Font family for fallback. An integer value. 1 - Serif, 2 - Sans Serif, 3 - Mono, Others - unknown
    "scheme":"",        //Font scheme.    'minor', 'major', 'none'
    "charset":"";    //Font charset. An integer value.    1, 2, etc.
    "size":20,        //Font size. An integer value. 9, 10, 12, 16, etc.
    "color":{},        //Colour description, an object containing an ARGB value. { argb: 'FFFF0000'}
    "bold":false,    //Font weight true, false
    "italic":false,    //Font slope true, false
    "underline":"",    //Font underline style true, false, 'none', 'single', 'double', 'singleAccounting', 'doubleAccounting'
    "strike":"",        //Font strikethrough true, false
    "outline":"",    //Font outline true, false
    "vertAlign":""     //Vertical align 'superscript', 'subscript'


    "horizontal":"",        //left, center, right, fill, justify, centerContinous    
    "vertical":"",        //top, middle, bottom, distributed, justify    
    "wrapText":"",        //true, false
    "shrinkToFit":"",    //true, false
    "indent":"",            //integer
    "readingOrder":"",    //rtl, ltr
    "textRotation":"",    //0 to 90, -1 to -90, vertical

Borders (top, left, bottom, right, diagonal (up and/or down)

    "style":"",        //thin, dotted, dashDot, hair, dashDotDot, slantDashDot, mediumDashed, mediumDashDotDot, mediumDashDot, medium, double, thick
    "up":"",            //true / false, only for diagonal
    "down":"",        //true / false, only for diagonal


    top: { "style":"thin","color":{argb:'FF00FF00'} },
    bottom: { "style":"dotted" },
    diagonal: { "up":true, "thick" }