FastDateInput is a very simple FileMaker Add-on designed to improve the user experience of your custom app.

Instead of having to enter full length dates in date fields, with / or -, you can now simply type 1009 for September 10th (or October 9th if you’re an American)

Also type // for current date, or //+2 the day after tomorrow, //-7 for last week…

Full list of transformations 

If your file settings are American (MM/DD/YYYY)

7/12/19987/12/1998 (unchanged)
12/199812/1/1998 (first day of the month)
071287/12/2008 (8 -> 2008)
07127/12/2020 (current year)
128/12/2020 (current month/year)
"some text"?
//current date
//+2the day after tomorrow
//-7same day, a week ago

For the rest of the world (DD/MM/YYYY)

12/07/199812/07/1998 (unchanged)
12/199801/12/1998 (first day of the month)
1207812/07/2008 (8 -> 2008)
120712/07/2020 (current year)
1212/05/2020 (current month/year)
"some text"?
//current date
//+2the day after tomorrow
//-7same day, a week ago


in layout mode, double click the field object and replace with your field.

If you have several date fields, simply copy/paste the field object and specify another field. You don't have to drag from the add-ons panel each time.

Where can I find it?

Here is the product page


You will need FileMaker Pro 19 or later to install this Add-on.

Once installed in your custom app, you can take advantage of the Add-on features whether you're using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or Web Direct, including with versions prior to 19.


  1. Purchase the add on on the product page with a valid e-mail address.
  2. On your Mac or Windows PC with FileMaker 19 or later installed, open the e-mail that was sent to you (you will receive 2 e-mail, the link is in the second one "[1MT] - Install your Add-ons!". It might take a few minutes before your receive it)
  3. Click the Install link and follow the steps
  4. Quit and relaunch FileMaker
  5. Your add-on is now available


You don't need to drag the add on each time you want to use a date field.

Typically, you can drag it once, and then simply add a trigger OnObjectValidate (Browse mode only) to your date field objects and select the script, as in the example. Feel free to remove the table imported with the add-on, it's just there so to have a sample date field.