1MT Log is a ready to use FileMaker Add-on intended for developers who want to implement a log/benchmarking tool in their custom apps.

FileMaker is a magic product and millions of users around the globe enjoy it and couldn't work without it, but it's fair to say that, as a development environment, it misses a number of tools that one would think every development app would have

An example is logging. FileMaker comes with several log files of course, on server and client side, but nothing that really helps the developer to log custom information.

Benchmarking is also not something easy to do, to say the least. And developers badly need logging and benchmarking. And it becomes even more fundamental when it comes to writing scripts that are executed on server.

1MT Log makes it super simple to implement such tools.

Follow our video to learn how to use it. Shortly you will wonder how you could work without it.