1 - Presentation & features

This add-on is a full module that you can integrate into your FileMaker solutions. A real resource-based event planning tool with several working views.
The strong point of FMPlanner is its clean and readable interface as well as its optimization which makes it a very powerful tool, capable of displaying a large number of records for minimal processing time.

Once imported into your solution, you are free to associate your data with FMPlanner tables.

Main features :

  • Planning and visualization of events by resource according to 4 views
  • Management of parameters specific to each user
  • Management of general parameters of the add-on
  • Month view allows you to view all the events for a chosen month
  • Week View allows you to view all the events for a chosen week
  • Day View allows you to view all the events by resource on a chosen day
  • Timeline view allows you to view all events classified by resource categories and by resource on a chosen day in horizontal scrolling
  • Quick navigation between views
  • Additional column for storing events awaiting planning
  • Resource selection column to display with selection by category stored for each user
  • FileMaker script to interact with the add-on
  • Responsive size

Secondary features :

  • Event creation by selecting area on the planning
  • Duplication of events using an alt + click maintained
  • Modification of the duration of an event by stretching it by the beginning or the end
  • Drag and drop events on the planning or from the planning to the planification column and vice versa
  • Quick navigation to a date using the IU-DATA DatePicker
  • Selecting the color associated with a resource using the IU-DATA ColorPicker
  • Modifying the planning display parameters

2 - Structure

2.1 - Tables

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER : FMPlanner single-record main table, contains FullCalendar source code and is used to generate the schedule.

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER_ADMINPREF : Single-record table containing FMPlanner administration preferences

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER_EVENTS : Table containing the events to display

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER_LOCALES : Table containing the translations of each FMPlanner element, each record represents a selectable language for each user

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER_RESOURCES : Table containing the resources to display

  • zIUD_FMPLANNER_USERPREF : Table containing the preferences of each user

  • z_IUD_COLORPICKER : Single-record table containing the source code of the ColorPicker module

  • z_IUD_DATEPICKER : Single-record table containing the source code of the DatePicker module

  • z_IUD_IOSSWITCH : Single-record table containing the source code of the iOS Switch module

  • z_IUD_SIDEBAR : Single-record table containing the source code for the SideBar module

  • z_IUD_SPINNER : Single-record table containing the source code of the Spinner module

2.2 - Modèles

  • A - Planning : Main model of the add-on
  • A - Loading : Loading model
  • A - Event settings [CARD] : Events management card
  • A - Resources settings [CARD] : Resources management card
  • A - Planning prefs [CARD] : Preferences management card
  • A - Planning locales [CARD] : Languages management card

2.3 - Scripts

All FMPlanner scripts are contained in the IUDATA - FMPlanner script folder.

The description of scripts and parameters can be found in each script header

2.4 - Custom functions

The descriptions of the following functions are present in their respective calculations.

  • IUD_DATE_DateRangeDscJSTab ( __FirstDate ; __LastDate )
  • IUD_DATE_FMPDateToJSDate ( __Date )
  • IUD_DATE_FMPDateToSQLDate ( __Date )
  • IUD_FullCalendar_GetEventsJA ( __Json ; __IdResource ; __date ; __view )
  • IUD_FullCalendar_GetResourceJA ( __IdResource )
  • IUD_Gen_EasyTime ( _Time )
  • IUD_Gen_GetFieldName ( _Field )
  • IUD_Gen_GetTableName ( _Field )
  • IUDATA_HexToRGB ( __HexColor ; __Option )
  • IUDATA_RGBToHex ( __R ; __G ; __B )
  • IUDATA_DarkenColorHEX ( __colorHEX ; __delta )
  • IUD_SideBar_categoryFormatHTML()
  • IUD_SideBar_GetCateroryResourcesObject()
  • IUD_SideBar_resourceFormatHTML (__Json)

2.5 - Value lists

  • Grl - timeStart : Value list for the planning display start time
  • Grl - timeEnd : Value list for the planning display end time
  • Grl - List slot duration : Value list the cells duration
  • Grl - List hours : Value list of day times
  • Grl - List Resources Categories : Value list for resource categories
  • Grl - List locales : Value list of available languages
  • Grl - List Resources : Resources value list
  • Grl - List day number : Value list for week days numbers
  • Grl - events icons : Value list for event icons
  • Grl - FullCalendar Locales : Value list of available FullCalendar languages

3 - Dependency

FullCalendar Scheduler 5.8 ( Premium Licence )
  • locales-all.js
  • main.css
  • mais.js

jQuery v3.5.1 ( Licence MIT )
  • jquery_3.5.1.slim.min.js

Bootstrap v3.2.0 ( Licence MIT )
  • bootstrap.min.css

Bootstrap DatePicker v1.9.1 ( Licence MIT )
  • bootstrap-datepicker.js
  • bootstrap-datepicker3.css

Bootstrap Colorpicker v3.2.0 ( Licence MIT )
  • bootstrap-colorpicker.js
  • bootstrap-colorpicker.min.css

4 - Compatibility

Operating systems :

  • macOS Monterey 12.0
  • macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • Windows 10 64-bit

FileMaker :

  • Claris FileMaker Pro 19.3 or greater
  • Claris FileMaker Go 19.3 or greater

Please note that on FileMaker Go 19 the FMPlanner activation and other modules activation inside web viewers require a double tap.

5 - End User Licence Agreement

Important Note: Please read this EULA carefully. Downloading, installing, using or modifying this add-on signifies that the end user and their organization accept this EULA.

Definitions :

  • The add-on is FMPlanner v1.0.0.
  • The end user is the physical person who purchased the add-on on IU-DATA's website.
  • The organization is the structure or the company for which the end user works.
  • The household refers to the end user's family home.

Contract terms :
IU-DATA authorizes the end user and his organization or household to use, modify, copy the add-on at their convenience. However, with a single license of the add-on, IU-DATA does not authorize the modification of the minified source code used for the generation of FullCalendar in accordance with the usage limits defined by FullCalendar for the FullCalendar Premium license. If the end user and his organization, wish to be able to modify the source code of FullCalendar to their liking, they can provide to IU-DATA, a proof of purchase of a Premium FullCalendar Scheduler license, in which case, IU-DATA will provide the original source code for continued development of the add-on. IU-DATA does not authorize the end user and his organization for commercial use.

The end user and his organization / household have free assistance for a period of 2 months from the date of purchase of this add-on, for any questions related to the use and configuration of this add-on.
Full access to FileMaker sources as well as to the source code used in the web viewer gives to the end user and his organization / household full control over modifying this add-on. It is therefore natural that we cannot intervene free of charge on the add-on whose code has been altered compared to the original version that IU-DATA delivered. Likewise, IU-DATA cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of any libraries mentioned in paragraph 4 - Dependency, as well as malfunctions of the add-on following use on an operating system or a FileMaker platform other than those mentioned in paragraph 5 - Compatibility.

Contact :
For any questions, please contact us to this address:

6 - Credits

Creation and development :

Icon design :

7 - Change Log

16/02/2021 - FMPlanner v1.0.0 - 1st release