Full Portal

1 - Presentation & features

This add-on is a complete tool that you can integrate to your FileMaker solutions. Full Portal is an improvement of the native portals proposed by FileMaker Pro, keeping the native functionalities and adding dynamism and customization.

In addition, this add-on allows you to display and manipulate data sets, move, resize rows and columns. Full Portal also allows you to interact with your database's records and provides sorting and searching tools.

Main features :

  • Format JSON data into a dynamic table.
  • Ability to scroll horizontally
  • Manage the add-on's main parameters
  • Manage the add-on's style parameters
  • Resize rows and columns
  • Move rows and columns
  • Edit data
  • Ability to filter datas
  • Ability to sort datas
  • Customization of table headers
  • Customizable functional columns
  • Import and export data from and to FileMaker
  • Save the table's layout changes
  • FileMaker scripts to interact with the add-on
  • Responsive or fixed table height by specifying a number of rows

2 - Configuration

The main configuration and customization instructions can be found inside the add-on web viewer's definition. Scripts and custom functions also have a whole series of information useful for the add-on configuration. For example purpose, a script set and a sample dataset are also provided.

Please note : If your database on which you want to install the add-on is hosted with FileMaker Server. You might need to refresh the globale calculation field IUD_FullPortal::gct_WV_FinalCode. Otherwise the webviewer that contains the add-on will remain empty. To refresh this field, you can set the field IUD_FullPortal::WV_HTML by it's own value inside a script that is launch at the start of your application.

3 - Structures

3.1 - Tables

  • z_IUD_FULLPORTAL : Table containing the definition of the add-on.

3.2 - Scripts

All Full Portal scripts are contained in the IUDATA - Full Portal script folder.

The description of scripts and parameters can be found in each script header

3.3 - Custom functions

The descriptions of the following functions are present in their respective calculations.

  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetAddonTexts ( __json ; __noDataText ; __noResultText ; __simpleFilterLabel ; __simpleFilterPlaceholder ; __advancedFilterLabel ; __advancedPlaceholder ; __viewTooltip ; __deleteTooltip ; __deleteBoxText )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetOptions ( __json ; __movableCols ; __movableRows ; __resizableCols ; __resizableRows ; __wantedRows )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetScripts ( __json ; __tag ; __import ; __export ; __edit ; __delete ; __show )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetStyle ( __json ; __bodyBackgroundColor ; __bodyFontColor ; __bodyFontFamily ; __tableBorderColor ; __tableBorderSize ; __headerBackgroundColor ; __headerFontColor ; __headerSeparatorColor ; __headerSeparatorSize ; __headerHeight ; __rowHeight ; __hoverRowBackgroundColor ; __hoverRowfontColor ; __oddRowBackgroundColor ; __oddRowFontColor ; __evenRowBackgroundColor ; __evenRowFontColor ; __rowSeparatorSize ; __rowSeparatorColor )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetUtilsDelete ( __json ; __icon ; __color ; __size ; __active )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Config_SetUtilsView ( __json ; __icon ; __color ; __size ; __active )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Header_AddDropDownColumn ( __json ; __index ; __field ; __title ; __valueList ; __headerSort ; __frozen ; __resizable ; __rowHandle ; __hozAlign ; __backgroundColor ; __color ; __width ; __focus )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Header_AddFMButton ( __json ; __index ; __icon ; __size ; __iconColor ; __scriptName ; __scriptParameter ; __toolTip ; __backgroundColor ; __frozen ; __focus )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_Header_AddSimpleColumn ( __json ; __index ; __field ; __title ; __editor ; __headerSort ; __frozen ; __resizable ; __rowHandle ; __hozAlign ; __backgroundColor ; __color ; __width ; __focus )
  • IUDATA_FullPortal_CleanSVG ( __codeSVG )

3.5 - Value lists

No Value list in this add-on.

4 - Dependencies

Tabulator v4.9.3 (c) Oliver Folkerd (MIT License)
  • tabulator.js
  • tabulator.min.css


jQuery v3.6.0 (c) OpenJS Foundation and contributors (MIT License)
  • jquery.js


Font Awesome v5.15.3 (MIT License)
  • fontawesome.min.js


Moment v2.29.1 (c) Moment.js contributors (MIT License)
  • moment.min.js


5 - Compatibility

Operating systems :

  • macOS Monterey 12.0
  • macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • Windows 10 64-bit

FileMaker :

  • Claris FileMaker Pro 19.3 or greater
  • Claris FileMaker Go 19.3 or greater

Claris FileMaker WebDirect :

  • All browser compatible with WebDirect using the add-on on a hosted file by Claris FileMaker Server 19.3 or greater

Please note that on FileMaker Go 19 the Full Portal activation inside web viewers require a double tap.

6 - End User Licence Agreement

Important Note: Please read this EULA carefully. Downloading, installing, using or modifying this add-on signifies that the end user and their organization accept this EULA.

Definitions :

  • The add-on is Full Portal v1.0.0.
  • The end user is the physical person who purchased the add-on on IU-DATA's website.
  • The organization is the structure or the company for which the end user works.
  • The household refers to the end user's family home.

Contract terms :
IU-DATA authorizes the end user and his organization or household to use, modify, copy the add-on at their convenience. IU-DATA authorizes the end user and his organization to use for commercial purposes the add-on, when the add-on is an integral part of a solution whose spectrum of use is much wider than that defined by the functionalities of the add-on alone. On the other hand, IU-DATA does not authorize the end user and his organization to use for commercial or distribution purposes the add-on, modified or not as a final product.

The end user and his organizationhousehold have free assistance for a period of 2 months from the date of purchase of this add-on, for any questions related to the use and configuration of this add-on.
Full access to FileMaker sources as well as to the source code used in the web viewer gives to the end user and his organizationhousehold full control over modifying this add-on. It is therefore natural that we cannot intervene free of charge on the add-on whose code has been altered compared to the original version that IU-DATA delivered. Likewise, IU-DATA cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of any libraries mentioned in paragraph 4 - Dependencies, as well as malfunctions of the add-on following use on an operating system or a FileMaker platform other than those mentioned in paragraph 5 - Compatibilities.

Contact :
For any questions, please contact us to this address: product@iu-data.com

7 - Credits

Creation and development :

Icon design :

8 - Change Log

31/10/2021 - Full Portal v1.0.0 - 1st release