est le service d'hébergment FileMaker de 1-more-thing

1-more-thing est un Claris Platinum Partner basé à Paris et à Bruxelles. est le seul service d'hébergement FileMaker au monde fonctionnant sur architecture Linux/Docker (nous proposons aussi de l'hébergement sous Windows). Voici le détail des spécifications.

Plans (Linux/Docker)


  • Up to 25 users (if your FileMaker license has more users, consider the Pro plan)
  • Databases: 125
  • CPU: 2 guaranteed, up to 16 guaranteed (depending on availability)
  • Storage: 10GB per 5 users
  • RAM: 4GB guaranteed up to 32GB (depending on availability)
  • Data API
  • Bandwitdh: 1Gbs
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL (subdomain of
  • Outsourced backups
  • >99.9% uptime
  • Linux compatible plugins support
  • 100 simultaneous PSoS sessions allowed
  • 7-day free trial


toutes les fonctionnalités du plan Starter, plus :

  • unlimited users (depending on your FileMaker license only)
  • Web Direct
  • xDBC publishing
  • ESS
  • custom SSL/domain
  • CPU : 4 guaranteed, up to 16 guaranteed (depending on availability)
  • Storage: 30GB per 5 users (up to 200 GB)
  • RAM: 8GB guaranteed up to 32GB (depending on availability)
  • 200 simultaneous PSoS sessions allowed

Plans (Windows/Virtual servers)


  • Recommended for up to 15 users
  • Up to 5 Web Direct users
  • Databases: 125
  • CPU: 2 vCore
  • Storage: 50 GB SSD (databases) + 100 GB HDD (backups)
  • RAM: 7 GB
  • Data API
  • Bandwidth: 250 Mb/s
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL (subdomain of
  • Outsourced backups
  • >99.9% uptime
  • Windows compatible plugins support
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2016


toutes les fonctionnalités du plan Starter, plus :

  • Recommended for up to 25 users
  • Up to 15 Web Direct users
  • Databases: 125
  • CPU: 4 vCore
  • Storage: 100 GB SSD (databases) + 300 GB HDD (backups)
  • RAM: 15 GB
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Custom SSL/domain

Pricing structure

Our price depends on these parameters:

  • Number of users on your FileMaker licence
  • Platform (Linux/Windows)
  • Plan (Starter/Pro)
  • Data center (Category A/B)
  • Currency (it's a little cheaper if you pay in Euro)

Billing / Payment

To make things easier (and therefore cheaper), invoices are annual, but this does not imply any time commitment: if you decide to leave, you're refunded immediately for the months paid after the current month.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, by SEPA direct debit if you're in the Euro zone, or credit card (Stripe).

Data centers

Data centerProviderPrice categoryLinux PlansWindows PlansClassification
Canada - MontrealOVHAYesNoTier III-IV
UK - LondonOVHAYesYesTier III-IV
France - GravelinesOVHAYesYesTier III-IV
France - RoubaixOVHAYesYesTier III-IV
France - Strasbourg
Germany - FrankfurtOVHAYesYesTier III-IV
Switzerland - ZurichInterxionBYesNoTier III-IV
SingaporeOVHBYesNoTier III-IV
Australia - SydneyOVHBYesNoTier III-IV


Backup policy

By default, backups are made hourly, daily and weekly.

Daily backups are outsourced nightly to a different data center, cloned and verified.

Backups are accessible via FTP only, using a sftp compatible client such as FileZilla. Download a backup from

Availability - Disaster Recovery Plan

Our uptime is over 99%, but because anything could happen, here is what you need to know in case of a shortage:
Backups are outsourced nightly, so if a service interruption occurs, here are the possibilities

  1. Your app is non critical, you prefer to wait until the service is back. Would the interruption last, we would call you and you can decide what to do.
  2. Your app is critical, you define a threshold (in hours or minutes) at which we should re-deploy your server in another data center with last night's backup - the new data is lost and can be retrieved (but not merged) when the main server is back on.
    No extra cost, just tell us in advance what is your preference. Note that the DNS propagation might take up to 2 hours, but the secondary server will be accessible on its IP address immediately.


All our data centers are highly secured (Tier III-IV)

Network communication are encrypted by SSL/TLS. By default, Starter and Pro plans include a subdomain of, but Pro users can choose to use their own certificate/domain.

All security features of FileMaker Server are supported (authentication via OAuth, encryption at rest…)

Secure FileMaker files before uploading to

Privacy - GDPR

Unless you share a password with us, we do not have access to your data. The data security remains the customer's responsibility (accounts and privileges are managed by the customer only).
Backups are stored for a maximum of two months. In case of termination of the contract, the FTP account is closed the moment the server is disabled and backups become unavailable. We can provide a backup up to 2 weeks after the contract termination, unless the customer explicitely requests the immediate deletion of all backups.

1-more-thing's privacy policy

FileMaker Server Updates

On Linux/docker, your server will by default be updated a few days after Claris official release of a new version (we do take our time to ensure everything is running well). If you want to stick to a specific version, just let us know.
Thanks to the docker architecture, the upgrade takes only a few seconds and occurs during the night on Sundays.

On Windows, updates are done on demand.


All our plans include unlimited support.

Our help desk is available and replies within the next 8 hours. - in fact in less than 30 minutes. during working hours. You can also contact us by phone.