FastDateInput is a very simple FileMaker Add-on designed to improve the user experience of your custom app.

Instead of having to enter full length dates in date fields, with / or -, you can now simply type 1009 for September 10th (or October 9th if you’re an American)

Also type // for current date, or //+2 the day after tomorrow, //-7 for last week…

Full list of transformations 

assuming the file date format is DDMMYYYY, works as well for MMDDYYYY

12/07/199812/07/1998 (unchanged)
12/199801/12/1998 (first day of the month)
1207812/07/2008 (8 -> 2008)
120712/07/2020 (current year)
1212/05/2020 (current month/year)
"some text"?
//current date
//+2the day after tomorrow
//-7same day, a week ago


in layout mode, double click the field object and replace with your field.

If you have several date fields, simply copy/paste the field object and specify another field. You don't have to drag from the add-ons panel each time.

Where can I find it?

Here is the product page


You will need FileMaker Pro 19 or later to install this Add-on.

Once installed in your custom app, you can take advantage of the Add-on features whether you're using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or Web Direct, including with versions prior to 19.


You don't need to drag the add on each time you want to use a date field.

Typically, you can drag it once, and then simply add a trigger OnObjectValidate (Browse mode only) to your date field objects and select the script, as in the example. Feel free to remove the table imported with the add-on, it's just there so to have a sample date field.